Vehicle Tank Meters

Truck with a vehicle tank meterIf your operation has vehicle tank meters (VTMs) they must be tested annually to ensure accurate delivery of fuel products.

Tests Performed



VTM Tests Performed

Be prepared for the following tests:

Wet Down: Driver fills the prover to capacity to prepare the vessel for testing. The wet down is not  a test. (Prover size is usually 100 to 150 gallons).

Normal Test: Fuel is dispensed into the prover at maximum-used flow rate or fast idle.

Special Test: Fuel is dispensed into the prover at the marked minimum rate or slow flow of the meter.

Split Compartment Test: Driver dispenses 20 gallons of product and then switches to dry tank. A dry break is used if no dry tank is available. The inspector waits 10 seconds after meter stops. If the meter does not stop, the inspector waits three minutes and continues the test by reattaching the hose to the full compartment and filling the prover to capacity.

Preset Test: Test is done while pumping back the last test draft. Zero the meter and set the preset for 20 gallons. Start the flow and let the preset stop the meter. It should stop within a ½ interval on mechanical meters and there should be no error on digital meters.

A ticket will be printed and checked for each meter. Zero and the full draft amounts must be readable.


A service company licensed by the state of Wisconsin can calibrate the meter. Reinspection by the city of Madison is required.


Your company is responsible for sending the City test report to:

Wis. Dept. of Ag, Trade and Consumer Protection
PO Box 8911
Madison, WI 53708-8911

Last Updated: 01/04/2018

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