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Northside Firefighters Assist Man Off Roof, Finish Cleaning His Gutters

Posted on Friday, November 30, 2018 at 10:51am

FF Dostalek on roofEarlier this month, Engine Company 10 and Medic 10 (C shift) responded to a home in their territory where a man was on his roof, cleaning the gutters, and suddenly needed medical attention.

Engine and Medic 10 were on scene within moments. After Engine 10 deployed a ladder and made contact with the man on his roof, they assisted him down to the backyard. Medic 10 provided a thorough assessment and transported the man to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Engine 10 stayed behind to secure the property, and they finished cleaning his gutters and roof for him.

Thanks to Engine 10 personnel that day for going above and beyond to help a citizen in need!

Acting Lt. Ethan Dade
Acting Apparatus Engineer/Paramedic 2 David Guthrie
Firefighter/Paramedic Joey Gangler
Firefighter Ryan Dostalek


Firefighters cleaning roof
Firefighters Gangler and Dostalek
Firefighter on roof
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