Station Nine

Station 9

Station 9 is located on Madison's near-west side. It houses Engine 9 and Squad 9 and is staffed daily by four firefighters who work 24-hour shifts. The firehouse was built in 1957 to accommodate Madison's then-west side. 


  • Engine 9 – a 2012 Pierce Quantum. It has a 1250 gallons-per-minute fire pump and a complement of ground ladders, fire hose, and tools. In addition, Engine 9 carries emergency medical equipment including a defibrillator, oxygen, and immobilization gear.
  • Squad 9 – a 2000 Pierce Squad provides an air cascade system, tower lighting, extrication tools, and rehab supplies.


  • 1 Lieutenant, station officer
  • 1 Apparatus Engineer (driver) operating the engine
  • 2 Firefighters staffing the engine

Fire Station 9 Logo

In the early 1950s the University of Wisconsin-Madison Board of Regents formed a plan to sell 600 acres of University Hill Farms land (which was used by the School of Agriculture) to an expanding City of Madison. Station 9 was built a few years before the construction of Hilldale Shopping Center. In a nod to that early history, the crew has claimed and celebrates its identity as The Original West Side of Madison.

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