Lerdahl Park Basketball court resurfacing

Last Updated: 08/28/2017

City Parks annually reviews the condition of asphalt pavement courts within the park system and resurfaces those in need as the budget allows. 

The Park Paving 2017 contract includes the resurfacing of the half court basketball at Lerdahl Park. 

City staff attended the Lerdahl Park Neighborhood Association meeting on April 26th to discuss the project and take input.

A consensus was reached at the meeting that Parks would resurface the court as a half court sized facility but try to move the court further away from the property line bordering 602 Delladonna Way.
Upon review the City will shift the court slightly to the south and west to move it away from the property line and closer to the new playground.  It will be replace the existing half court facility and include new poles, backboard, and court striping.

The City has selected DRS Paving to complete this project.  Work is expected to start after Sept 6th, 2017 and be completed by Sept 29th, 2017.