City Adds Color to Bike Lane Conflict Areas

September 30, 2011

Green coloring has been added to the bicycle lane on E. Johnson Street through the Pinckney Street intersection. There have been several bicyclist-motorist crashes at this intersection, where either the motorist was crossing E. Johnson northbound through stopped traffic and did not anticipate a bicyclist in the bike lane, or a motorist on E. Johnson made a left turn without looking for and yielding to a bicyclist in the bike lane. The green color provides a reminder to motorists to look for bicyclists when crossing E. Johnson or when making a left turn at Pinckney Street, and serves as a reminder to bicyclists to watch for these conflicts as well.

The green coloring will also be added to other high bicyclist-motorist crash locations. If the weather holds, the eastbound bike lane on University Avenue through the intersections of Park and Randall Streets will also be colored green. At these intersections drivers making left turns often fail to yield to bicyclists in the eastbound bike lane before turning. Hopefully, the green coloring will remind motorists to watch for bicyclists before turning and warn bicyclists to watch for drivers turning across the bike lane.

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David C. Dryer, PE, City Traffic Engineer and Parking Manager

  • Arthur Ross, Pedestrian-Bicycle Coordinator, 266-6225
  • Mark Winter, Traffic Engineer, 266-6543