Madison Senior Center Celebrates 30 Years!

July 5, 2013

Happy 30th Birthday, Madison Senior Center! Since its opening on 330 Mifflin Street in 1983, the Madison Senior Center has served as a community resource for local older adults. Though we have grown, evolved and matured over the years, the Madison Senior Center remains constant in its commitment to service, education and positivity.

Christine Beatty, Director for 25 years, continues to expand her expert knowledge of and passion for senior care and aging. She has reshaped the face of the Senior Center since arriving in 1988, putting into place extensive programming and greatly expanding the institution's reach in its community. She encourages out-of-the-box thinking, always keeping in mind the importance of unique and relevant programs for older adults. The Center offers classes in everything from Philosophy to Facebook!

Christine empowers older adults at the senior center with input in activity planning and decision making. She helped found the Madison Senior Center Foundation, with a vision of increasing funding through grant money to expand the center's educational capabilities. She and the staff focus on the future, always looking for ways to improve the facility and its services. A national aging expert, educator and leader, she leads the Center forward as a unique and invaluable resource for older adults.

Celebrate this occasion with a special birthday cake at the Madison Senior Center's annual Health and Resource Fair on Thursday, September 12 from 9 - noon. We look forward to spending this and many future birthdays with you!

For further information, call Pat at 267-8650 or visit

  • Pat Guttenberg, 608-267-8650