Madison Arts Commission Announces "Wish Wheel" by Cheryl DeWelt

October 9, 2013

September 9-November 10

We may not have Yoko Ono's Wish Tree, but for one more month Madison does have local artist Cheryl DeWelt's Wish Wheel. The recently installed Blink project, Wish Wheel, on Olin Avenue across from the Goodman Pool is a perfect Bay Creek Neighborhood destination for everyone from those who need some generic good fortune to those in dire need for very specific wish fulfillment.

"Wish Wheel" is solidly constructed out of 22 bike rims, textiles, wood, metal, acrylic and recycled bicycle parts. Each wheel has a variety of things woven through the spoke holes and inner rim to create a whimsical, colorful display. The materials were chosen for their brilliance and their ability to contribute to a sustainable, healthy community as it honors Madison's commitment to biking and shares ideas of ways to use reclaimed or found materials while creating harmony and balance in nature.

The sculpture invites passerby's to make a wish and tie on a talisman. The talisman could be a ribbon, yarn, beads, fabric or anything to set the wish and involve the community in morphing and adding to the sculpture over the duration of its installation.

"Wish Wheel" honors children and adult's aesthetic awareness with the intertwining of a variety of colors and shapes. It invites passersby to look closely, ask questions, take on new perspectives and be engaged in inquiry and joyful amusement.

For more information about the Madison Arts Commission's BLINK! program, please visit our website.

  • Karin Wolf, Arts Program Administrator, 608.261.9134