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Welcome to the Senior Center

As the seasons change outside and in your daily
life, stop by the Senior Center to learn something
new, meet new friends and give your time.

It is our motto to "Promote Successful Aging" and
we invite you to stop by and enjoy everything we
have to offer!

News Releases

Senior Center Calendar of Events - Hope to see you!

7/29 Gilda’s Glee Club, 1 pm
7/30 Short Term Rehab Stay, 10 am
8/6 Enact Book Club
8/12 Anxiety & Depression, 10 am
8/14: The Sweet Spot: Pre-Diabetes, 10 am
  Script the Future: Estate Plan, 10 am
8/15 Bahama Bob performs in Courtyard, 2 pm
8/19 Mental Health First-Aid Training, 8:30 am
8/20 MMoCA Exhibit, Turn, Turn, Turn, 10 am
8/21 Fitness and Movement, 12:15 pm
  Thursday Dance Cancelled Today
8/26 Osteoporosis Prevention & Management, 10 am
  Manicures, 10 am
  Sunnyside with Charlie Chaplin, 1 pm
  Silent film accompanied by Piano & Cello
8/28 Recovery through Balance, 10 am
  Improve Digestion, 10 am
  Mutual Funds: A Smart Start
9/1 Happy Labor Day! Closed for the Holiday