City of Madison

2014: Supervising Patrol Critical Incidents

This 16-hour course is designed to provide patrol supervisors with the information & tools needed to manage a critical incident prior to the arrival of SWAT. Legal issues, scene management & small team tactics can give the patrol supervisor tolls needed to manage a critical incident scene as well as respond to unfolding events prior to the arrival of SWAT.

Objectives: 1.To provide the students an understanding of the importance of leadership & training roles for supervisors 2.To provide the students a foundation of legal issues surrounding SWAT, Use of Force, & Emotionally Disturbed Persons 3.To provide an introduction to small team tactics as they apply to patrol operations 4.To provide instruction in managing critical incidents in patrol & how to transition to SWAT when appropriate 5.To utilize incident debriefs & tabletop exercises to reinforce blocks of instructions

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