Working with the City of Madison on public works projects can be detailed and complex, but we hope to make the steps easier for you as you consider working with the City or within the City on development and redevelopment.

First, know the difference between the Board of Public Works and a public works project:

A public works project from a contracting standpoint is project meeting a very specific set of criteria and limiting municipalities to specific actions  under WI State Statue 66.0901. A public works project is essentially any project over $25K that impacts the publicly owned infrastructure that is in the Right of Way or impacts a public building (library, fire station, police station, etc.).

The Board of Public Works is the statutory agency that along with the Common Council authorizes and approves the ability to advertise, receive and award bids for public works contracts. It also holds public hearings relative to assessments for streets and storm sewer construction, and the board hears appeals from citizens and contractors relative to bids and special assessment notices.

Construction Inspection Section

The mission of the Construction Inspection Section within the City of Madison Engineering Division is to provide an on-site City of Madison representative for public works construction projects. This person makes sure the contractor follows contract requirements for the job. This section also can help lead the public works process for anyone looking to work with the City.

This section also does the following:

  • Monitors, inspects contractor work on City public works construction
  • Staff responds to questions, complaints from residents impacted by construction projects
  • Surveys layout for new, proposed construction projects
  • Completes as-built records of construction for mapping/records
  • Inspects all work on new private construction in the public Right of Way (new areas of development, redevelopment projects that affect sidewalk or streets)
  • Manages the annual City Sidewalk Replacement Program
  • Manages City's Resurfacing Program