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Business Resources

The Office of Business Resources (OBR) helps businesses locate, open and expand within the City of Madison by:

  • Directing businesses toward financial and technical assistance programs available through the City and other sources
  • Guiding businesses through City permitting and approval processes
  • Facilitating appropriate space for business development through participation in City land use planning efforts
  • Maintaining and providing demographic/community information to businesses
  • Serving as City liaisons to local business and economic development organizations, including the Madison Central Business Improvement District, Downtown Madison Inc., Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce, THRIVE, and neighborhood business/merchant associations
  • Staffing, the Economic Development Committee, Vending Oversight Committee, Public Market Development Committee (formally the Local Food Committee), and overseeing the City's street vending, sidewalk cafe, merchant vending and banner placement programs

Please read the Office of Business Resources Program Guide to learn more about the programs available to businesses.

Saran Ouk Manager (608) 267-8717
Meghan Blake-Horst Street Vending Coordinator (608) 261-9171
Brian Swanson  Street Vending Monitor (608) 261-9149
Michael Miller Business Development Specialist (608) 267-8721
Tom Otto Economic Development Specialist (608) 243-0178
Ruth Rohlich
Business Development Specialist
(608) 267-4933
George Reistad Business Development Specialist (608) 266-6544


Last Updated: 05/15/2024

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