City of Madison

2017: Perception Institute - Racial and Implicit Bias Workshop

The Dane County Criminal Justice Council, Dane County Sheriff's Office and Madison Police Department encourage you to participate in this strategic session designed to explore research around racial/implicit bias, as well as discuss proven interventions for criminal justice stakeholders. This workshop provides a unique opportunity to bring multiple stakeholders in the criminal justice system together to interrupt mechanisms that are contributing to racial disparities. Research shows that judgments are often shaped by a set of tacit associations between racial and ethnic groups and stereotypic traits--even those who are deeply committed to equity can be influenced in subtle ways by broader social norms. Accordingly, to achieve racially equitable outcomes within the criminal justice system, it is crucial to address the behavioral responses to automatic, unconscious stereotypical associations and related phenomena linked to racial and ethnic differences. Former youth who have been involved with the criminal justice system will also be a critical element providing a candid conservation about their experiences with law enforcement.

No upcoming dates for this event