City of Madison

2018: Policing From the Shadows - Tactics and Techniques for Undercover Officers

A 5-day (40-hour) training designed for law enforcement working in an undercover capacity with an emphasis on drug enforcement. Instruction is based on methods and tactics used by the Madison Police and the Dane County Narcotics and Gang Task Force where officers are assigned to a dedicated undercover role, engaging in short-term, intelligence-based, task-specific contacts, rather than a full immersion type of assignment. This course will provide a solid foundation for officers beginning undercover assignments and can offer veteran officers a chance to further develop their skills. Along with classroom instruction, the course consists of realistic, scenario-based instruction on controlled narcotics transactions and covert surveillance. Participants will receive DAAT and firearms training designed for the undercover officer. Training also includes subjects such as terry stops, searches, drug identification, interviews, behaviors, charging decisions, confidential informants and more. This course further equips officers with the specific skills needed to succeed in their undercover assignment. Work with skilled MPD instructors with years of experience in this field of topic.

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