City of Madison

2020: Police Resource Allocation & Deployment

Budget Reductions? Employee Layoffs? Reductions in Authorized Positions? It is no surprise to anyone in public service that we are in unprecedented economic times. Cities, counties, and states are forced to operate on less general revenue while the cost of operations continues to increase. Good decisions require good data, and good data does not appear all by itself. This course is designed to focus police administrators on the issue of workload within their agency. How to identify workload, how to capture workload, how to explain workload, and how to convert workload to necessary staff is all covered in depth to help today's administrators effectively convey their need to either increase staff or maintain current positions. In addition to workload, this course covers the crucial topic of schedule optimization. For many agencies, overtime budgets are increasing due to inefficient work schedules, not solely due to staff shortages. This course provides a methodology to staff your agency in a way that is most attuned to the agency's workload curve What To Bring... Participants are required to bring a laptop computer, preloaded with Microsoft Excel. It is highly suggested that participants bring an external mouse may also wish to bring a flash drive to store their final spreadsheet and to share their work.

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