City of Madison

2015: Excellence in Training with Brian Willis

The Excellence in Training Course is a professional development program designed specifically for law enforcement trainers. The program covers a variety of topics all focused on providing professional trainers with the necessary tools and techniques to enhance the learning and retention of skills and tactics for law enforcement professionals.

The Excellence in Training Course has been developed by and is taught by Brian Willis of Winning Mind Training Inc. The program is unique in North America in both its content and delivery. The course goes beyond talking about the importance of mental preparation and provides participants with a foundation to understand how programming occurs at the subconscious level.

The program also provides participants with the necessary tools to program officers for success. One of the truly unique aspects of the Excellence in Training course is the component on Performance Enhancement Imagery. Brian Willis has been recognized as an innovator in the use of imagery for law enforcement professionals. In addition to working with athletes from a variety of sports Brian has conducted Performance Enhancement Imagery sessions for over 1000 law enforcement professionals in one on one and group sessions. Brian has also trained hundreds of law enforcement trainers from Federal, State/Provincial and municipal agencies in North America in how to create and deliver Performance Enhancement Imagery sessions for law enforcement officers.

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