City of Madison

2014: Judgment Under the Radar Series: Courage Under Fire

"Courage Under Fire" is a new addition to the Judgment Under the Radar series. This course was created by police officers working in collaboration with community members and members of different organizations. The topics span Hip Hop Culture, LGBTQ Culture, Latino Culture, Jewish Culture and more. Upon completion of this course participants will be better equipped to deal with biases encountered every day. Attendees will learn about Cultural Competency and the importance of increasing their knowledge and the importance of being sensitive to diverse cultures within the workplace and the community they serve. Participants will be invited to personally reflect and contribute (voluntary) to discussion in a supportive educational environment. Our training will prepare attendees to better serve their communities by building trust with diverse members of even the most challenged neighborhoods. Instructors will share strategies used by the Madison Police Department that can be used to foster positive outcomes within their own agencies and beyond.

No upcoming dates for this event