City of Madison

2014: 3SI Security Systems Training

Security where criminals least expect it.

3SI Security Systems is the world leader in asset protection systems designed to recover stolen cash and high-value assets, apprehend criminals and deter crime. Since 1972, our innovative solutions have helped to combat crime through GPS tracking, dye and ink staining, DNA and explosive gas neutralization technology. Innovative solutions, supported by a first class service organization which pledges customer satisfaction through products that perform.

More and more companies are realizing that fully protecting their people and assets means using the latest and most innovative technologies. To meet this need, 3SI offers state-of-the-art GPS tracking products. Electronic Satellite Pursuit, ESP, provides a variety of GPS Tracking solutions protecting pharmaceuticals, cargo, jewelry, couriers, electronics, cash, people, vehicles and anything that needs to be tracked.

The company is coming to the MPD Training Center on Thursday August 7th from 9a-noon. This training is geared towards dispatchers/dispatch supervisors, OIC's, Sgt's who act as an OIC, CIS and detectives who investigate robbery and theft-type crimes.

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