City of Madison

2014: Passenger Vehicle Interdiction Course

This course is designed to cover the topic of passenger vehicle interdiction. In the US, 4 out 5 crimes involve the use of a vehicle. Smugglers have to transport contraband to further their criminal empire. They are the most vulnerable when traveling down our highways. The use of hidden compartments to go undetected from LE is one of the most common ways. This course covers driving behavior & how to detect criminal indicators in vehicles. We teach tactics on how a LEO can successfully interdict these smugglers. The 420 Group covers how to start an interdiction program & what you will need to do to get a team ready to hit the streets. Expose students to the use of cloned vehicles that are being used. This course covers the patron saints of known & prior drug traffickers & what each one indicates, the use of rental vehicles used by smugglers & the latest concealment methods used.


No upcoming dates for this event