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The Common Council meets in the Council Chambers to conduct the City's legislative business. The Council adopts the City budget and passes laws, policies and regulations that govern the City.

Current Common Council Meeting Agenda

Common Council Meeting

Tuesday, July 5, 2016 at 6:30 pm
Room 201, City-County Building
210 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.

  • Agenda (Posted 7/1/16)

Tuesday, July 19, 2016 at 6:30 p.m., Room 201, City-County Building

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Alder Role Brochure
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  • East Towne Mall Arrest of Genele Laird Posted 6/23/2016
    After taking a day to process and wait for the Mayor to publicly respond, we feel the need to speak to the community regarding the arrest at East Towne on Tuesday, June 21, 2016. First, like many others, we watched what the video captured many times and cannot see past what seems like excessive...
Sunday, June 26
There are no City of Madison meetings scheduled today.

Alder Harrington-McKinney

Barbara Harrington-McKinney
District 1

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