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Nolen Centennial Project

September 25, 2014 8:07 PM

The city is constantly petitioned with ideas and proposals from residents, businesses, and other organizations. Regardless of the source I believe staff and other elected officials consider proposals based on their merits.

In this instance we received a broad proposal that, at least speaking for myself, had a lot of exciting concepts. As someone educated and with a professional background in architecture and urban planning I was particularly encouraged to see the quality of the proposal. (which I suppose shouldn't be much of a surprise as it was designed by a respected local design firm)

That said, any idea, whether from the Mayor, an Alder, a citizen or a business owner, needs to be developed and vetted as a public process, particularly urban planning. That public process will start from square one. The ideas proposed in the Nolan Centennial Plan (and the many historic plans for the area) are helpful explorations, but ultimately are just potential visions to inspire the city.

This area of the city has tremendous potential, and that there is some energy around it makes it even more exciting. Further, I strongly believe we don't sufficiently celebrate our connections with our lake, and in particular the Olin/John Nolan/Law-Park crescent that is the defining skyline view of our city. I believe we need to find ways to make Madison as spectacular as possible from an urban perspective, and this area could be our Crown Fountain.

For those reasons I support funding planning staff to begin working with the neighborhood and stakeholders to explore the ways to both enhance the public sphere and protect the environmental one. For budgeting purposes for a public design process and the city's share of construction, money has been proposed for 2015 and beyond. That budget estimates the general potential scale of the project, it's not to specifically build a particular vision such as the NCP.

Historically Olin Park has been used for city wide events and that continues to this day. Though the connection with it's neighbors in Bay Creek is strong, it's characteristics place it squarely in the city-park category, not neighborhood park, and should be open to the entire city. But Bay Creek should still have a central role in any discussion about it's future, including the planning exercise that may begin soon.


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