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Restrict e-cigarettes like cigarettes

December 16, 2014 8:44 AM

I believe e-cigarette use should have the same use restrictions in public places as cigarettes. Though significant long-term studies of the health effects to the user and those exposed to e-cigarette mist in shared spaces haven't yet been completed, there seems to be little dispute that people in a shared space with an e-cigarette user are exposed to some amount of the aerosol. I don't believe that exposure should be forced on others, particularly given the lack of safety regulations around the production and sale of the liquids used in them.

In addition to nicotine, FDA studies have found tobacco constituents including known carcinogens and toxic chemicals in popular brands of e-cigarette liquid. The FDA even found that some products advertised as nicotine-free did actually contain nicotine.

The toxicity of these carcinogens is not in dispute, only the level of exposure to someone sharing the space with the user. Consequently I believe it is in the interest of the health of the public to treat e-cigarette usage in public places the same as sources of other known carcinogens, at least until such a time as the industry and regulations around it have matured to the point that carcinogens are eliminated, and second-hand mist is proven to transmit negligible nicotine.

-Alder Lucas Dailey


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