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Location of the Public Market

August 23, 2014 10:42 PM

I think the location of the public market district should be selected based on the viability of the proposed businesses.

If this decision was tantamount to delivering jobs to one particularly part of the city I think the south side location would be best, hands down. The South Park Street location would have the greatest impact on many levels.

But the market must be a successful business; this project can't turn into another Overture. If the city wants to support job creation, indefinitely funding an under-performing business isn't the best method. The market has to be successful as a business or we get nothing for anyone in any neighborhood, and squander precious resources that could have created greater good elsewhere.

As an entrepreneur I understand the fragility of creating a sustainable business, and all of the business models I've heard listed as options for the market district seem like significant challenges. To handicap those businesses by requiring they locate based on a political decision, not a market decision, seems like a mistake.

When this project was introduced the purpose wasn't primarily to directly fund new jobs, it was to create a catalyst business that would lead to further job creation around the food industry. I would hate to see that risked because we want those immediate jobs to be created in one part of the city over another. This isn't a gift that we're bestowing on a chosen neighborhood, it's a multi-million dollar gamble that we can jump-start a new sector of our economy. I want the best odds for that gamble.

And as someone that doesn't own a car and buses across town to work, I think the greatest impact is the number of jobs it would create, not where in the city they are. My vote goes to the strongest catalyst for jobs.

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