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posted March 25, 2015 10:39 AM
We will be conducting interviews for individuals on the B Band on the current firefighter eligibility list.  An official notice will be sent to those individuals on March 25, 2015 letting you know the dates and times of these interviews.  As part of the pre-employment background investigation, all applicants invited to interview for the position of Firefighter must complete the Madison Fire Department Personal History Statement.  Please see official notice for details.

Individuals not selected or interviewed at this time shall remain on the eligibility list until the Police and Fire Commission dissolve the list.

NOTE: All individuals who remain on the eligibility list should update their NeoGov account with any change in address, telephone, or email address. 

Thank you.
Firefighting is the basic "bread and butter" of any fire department. The City of Madison employs 338 firefighters, some of whom are also officers, paramedics, or apparatus engineers. No matter what your job in the fire station is, you're still a firefighter. Besides extensive training in firefighting, all firefighters are also Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), and hazardous material technicians. Many firefighters become members of Special Teams within the Department, skilled in technical rescue (high places and confined spaces), scuba, or additional hazardous material specialties. Firefighters work 24 hour shifts, from 0700-0700. During the course of a month they are expected to work about ten shifts. Firefighters work a nine day work cycle, with a shift every other day for three working days, followed by four days off.
The City of Madison is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
We encourage minorities and women to apply.
Contact MFD Recruitment:, (608) 513-3446