President Trump Doesn't Get It

June 2, 2017 2:18 PM

President Trump doesn't get it.  The future is coming and it doesn't matter that the President is stuck in the dark ages.

Why?  Because the President may be able to unilaterally drop the US from the Paris Agreement but he can't stop, states, cities, companies, and citizens from choosing clean, renewable energy.

Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently wrote a opinion in the New York Times back in March of this year, which basically lays out why what the President did doesn't matter.  It is called the energy markets and they have spoken and what they are saying is that clean, renewable energy is the future.

In just the last two-three years the cost of solar and wind power has dropped to the point where they are not only competitive with coal plants... they are CHEAPER!  Costs are going down and efficiencies for these technologies are going up.  The combination is the potential to see transformational change in the energy markets – something that has not happen since the industrial revolution.

Coal plants have been closing and are continuing to close throughout the country.  This combined with other improvements such as vehicle fuel efficiency standards, corporations throughout the country pledging to reduce emissions,  and the actions of cities across the country – will result in reducing emissions in the US to meet the Paris Agreement regardless of what Trump did.  And the City of Madison is doing its part.  As of March of this year, the City of Madison passed a resolution calling on the City to power its operations with 100% renewable energy/zero net carbon.  This year the city will develop a plan to get there.  The City will be looking to invest in more solar and wind and convert our fleet to electric. We believe that local government can lead the way toward 100% renewable/zero net carbon.  We know that in Madison there are thousands of residents who are working toward that goal as well.  

I leave you with this link from the USA Today.

Even a Kentucky Coal Museum gets it.  Our President doesn't... but it doesn't matter.


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