Waldorf Park Master Plan Implementation

Last Updated: 06/28/2017

The City of Madison has begun implementing a new master plan design at Waldorf Park! 
Parks construction staff began work on the rough grading of the site in early June in anticipation of the park paving contract (which will lay gravel base (and later, asphalt) for the walking path, basketball court and access path to the playground), which will be followed by the installation of the new playground in September.  All work is anticipated to be completed in fall 2017.

Those interested in providing comments about the playground may contact Kate Kane at (608) 261-9671 or kkane@cityofmadison.com and questions regarding the preliminary grading or park paving contract (including the basketball court) can be directed to Corey Stelljes at (608) 266-6518 or cstelljes@cityofmadison.com

The City of Madison held its first public input meeting regarding the project on October 22, 2015 at King's Kids Academy.  Staff used input gathered from this meeting to further develop the concept into a master plan that was approved by the Board of Park Commissioners on February 10, 2016.  A summary of these meetings and the exhibits that were presented at each are listed below.

The master plan is undergoing refinement to ensure that grading changes to construct the new facilities will allow for stormwater to be detained on-site or directed to existing stormwater infrastructure.  Although the amenities to be constructed will not change, the positions of some may be adjusted with the finalized grading plan.
Waldorf Park Master Plan

Waldorf Park Schematic Master Plan
Below is a summary along with the exhibits that were presented at the public input meeting.
Public Input Meeting, October 22, 2015