Goodman Park Ice Rink Improvements

Last Updated: 01/03/2018

Parks is planning a series of improvements to the Goodman Park Ice Rink in 2017.

A public meeting was held on 1/18 where proposed improvements were discussed.

Proposed Improvements include:

Lining and rehabilitation of the existing ice rink storm sewer discharge pipe
This phase of the project has been completed.  The existing pipe used to drain the water from the ice rink was metal and in poor condition.  It leaked water which made it difficult for Parks staff to maintain water and ice levels.  A new PVC plastic storm sewer pipe was used to line the existing metal pipe.  Additionally a new control valve was installed in the existing access structure near the bike path.  New apron endwalls were placed at either end of the pipe.  The rink is now holding water much better than in previous years, staff is able to easily fill this rink using much less water.
Replacement of the existing rink lighting system
The existing lighting system at the Goodman Ice Rink has been removed and replaced.  The existing 6 light poles and concrete bases were removed and a 2 pole system installed.   The new lighting is an LED system and provides targeted lighting sufficient for open skating and hockey.  The new lights are more energy efficient and provide more targeted lighting with less spill-over compared to the old system. The new lighting system installation has been completed and the lights are operational for skating.  The lights are activated by a push button located on a wooden pole by the old warming shelter.

There was concern raised at the public meeting about the amount of "blue" light emitted from the proposed LED fixtures.  The City will work with the lighting supplier to ensure new lights will be about the "3000k" level as recommended by the American Medical Association.

This work has been completed.
Warming shelter
This shelter has been closed for the last few years as it’s in poor condition with a non-functional sanitary sewer that makes the shelter unusable; the shelter has reached the end of its useful life.  A hazardous materials inspection was completed and it was determined that the shelter has lead and asbestos contamination which will need to be remediated. 
At the public meeting the neighborhood voiced concerns about the shelter removal and suggested improvements to the area that would support skating but also be useable year-round for the neighborhood, like additional seating. The City agreed to look into these ideas further. The City plans to work with the Alder to schedule a follow-up meeting with the neighborhood.  Details for the follow up meeting will be posted here and distributed to the meeting attendees that provided contact information.

If you have questions or comments but are unable to attend the meeting, please contact Corey Stelljes at (608) 266-6518 or