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Wirth Court KaBOOM! Playground Build with Madison Parks, Goodman Center, and Kraft Foods/Oscar Mayer

What is it?
KaBOOM! is a non-profit organization that helps local communities build a playground in just one day with the help of 200 volunteers. Madison Parks, Goodman Center, Kraft Foods/Oscar Mayer and the local community are coming together to build a new playground at Wirth Court Park on October 6, 2011. The playground will be built from the ground up in one day with the help of hundreds of volunteers.

Build Day - October 6, 2011


Madison, WI |  Hundreds of volunteers descended upon a quiet east side park in the early morning of October 6, 2011.  Their mission – build a brand new playground from the ground up – and do it all before 2:30p.m.!

The journey to the new Wirth Court playground started several months ago when the Goodman Community Center was awarded a KaBOOM! grant.  In August, children and their parents were invited to a “Design Day” where they drew up plans for their own dream park.  Thanks to the generous donation of a $75,000 KaBOOM! playground by Kraft Foods Foundation and the combined efforts of Kraft Foods/Oscar Mayer Madison employees, as well as Goodman Community Center employees, Madison Parks employees, volunteers, and neighbors, the new playground was built and installed in less than 6 hours.

Volunteers from all over the community came out on October 6 to assist with this updated version of a barn-raising.  Erica from Kraft Foods, participating in her 2nd KaBOOM! Build Day said, “I’m planning on bringing my kids here, I think they will love it.”  And 8 year old Jasmeen added, “It sounded fun, and I’m excited to help out other kids to have their own park.”  Kinaan, a neighborhood student added, “My mom signed me up and I was like OK!, It’s Pretty cool!”

In addition to the play equipment being built, there were several other ‘side’ projects that were completed that added a unique flair to the park: new benches, two new trees, playing boards painted and added to the picnic tables and mosaic tile river.  The Hippo at Wirth Court Park (or known locally as ‘Hippo Park’) now has a river running around it.  Thanks to the efforts of the Art teacher at Lowell Elementary School, and the students, 125 tiles were designed, decorated and installed.

Because the concrete needs to cure and set, the new playground needs 72 hours before the kids can play on it.  Join your friends and neighbors on Monday, October 10 at 2p.m. for the Grand Opening  and be among the first to play on the new playground that was designed by you and built by you! 


Grand opening - october 10, 2011 at 2:00p.m.

You Designed It……You Built It……Now Come and Play on It!!

What:  Grand Opening of the ‘new’ Wirth Court Park Playground, 61 Waubesa Street 

When:  Monday, October 10, 2011 at 2:00p.m.


Thank you to our partners for making this project happen!

Kaboom Build DayBuild Day
Kaboom Build DayBuild Day
Kaboom Build DayBuild Day
Kaboom Build DayBuild Day
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