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These awards were presented on March 25, 2014

Individual Volunteer of the Year – Gigi Holland

Gigi Holland’s countless hours spent on the Gates of Madison and James Madison Park have earned her the Volunteer of the Year award for 2014. Her dedication and attention to detail in these parks have proved invaluable to the upkeep and overall beauty of the locations. Gigi has worked with Madison Parks for over 15 years and has even engaged troubled youth to help weed and water her park gardens. Gigi also served as a founding member for the Madison Parks Foundation. She’s a true asset to the parks she works in!

Volunteer Group of the Year – Westmorland Adopt Ice Group

The Westmorland Adopt Ice group was one of the first to participate in our Adopt Ice program that works with Parks staff to assist with flooding the rink, removing snow and keeping the rink in good shape. This group maintains both neighborhood skating and hockey rinks and spent countless hours in the chilly winter months ensuring good skate conditions all season long. Westmorland showed fantastic work in maintaining their ice rinks for their community and deserve the recognition for their hard work.

Spirit of Service Award – Ken Schmidt

Ken has volunteered at Wexford Park since 2003. 11 years of continued commitment to keeping the park beautiful and welcoming to the community have earned Ken this year’s Spirit of Service Award. He is part of the Madison Parks volunteer flower gardener program, so he works to plant and maintain beautiful, vibrant flowers in Wexford Park all summer long. Additionally, Ken leads the Adopt Ice efforts at Wexford throughout the winter months, proving his commitment to keeping Wexford in great condition for his community.

Madison Parks Partner of the Year Award – Madison Area Disc Golf

After several years of collaboration with Madison Parks, Madison Area Disc Golf has earned the Partner of the Year Award. Because of their dedication to the sport of disc golf, the Elver Park and Heistand Disc Golf Courses were installed. Since then, MADG has been instrumental in the advocacy, maintenance, usage and promotion of the Disc Golf courses in Madison and, most recently, have participated in Madison Parks programs like Ride the Drive, Goodman Pool Days, and “Learn to…” workshops. Their assistance in the “pay to play” disc golf permit system was monumental to the positive outcome of the change and to a strong future for the Disc Golf community.