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Becoming a Flower Gardener

Flower gardens in Madison Parks are designed, planted, and maintained by volunteers every year. If you are interested in starting a new garden or want to purchase flowers for a current garden in Madison Parks, please complete the online Flower Garden Proposal by April 25, 2014.

Flower Gardeners will be expected to submit photos and volunteer hour logs of the completed gardens at the end of the season.

2014 Flower Gardener Process

Madison Parks has a small fund that helps to purchase flowers and plant materials for flower gardens in our parks each spring.  Please note all plant materials purchased must only be used in the designated City of Madison Park.   Volunteers place their orders with the Parks Division and then plants are usually available for pick up in mid-May.



Submit your online Flower Garden proposal by April 25, 2014.

  • You will need to include the following information with your proposal.
    • Contact information
    • Name of your park and location
    • Plant order including:  type of plants, quantity of plants
  • We will receive proposals until April 25, 2014
    • After the proposal deadline, we will review all submissions and let the flower gardeners know the status of their order.
      • We will host a Plant Pick-up day at Olbrich on May 14 for volunteers to come pick up their flowers.


 Important Dates for 2014

April 25          Flower Garden Proposal Deadline

May 14          Flower pick up day at Olbrich Botanical Gardens


Other Details

Mulch  Madison Parks will still be able to provide free mulch for Volunteer Flower Gardens in our Parks.  Mulch requests should be included in the flower garden proposal.  It is usually delivered in full truck loads, rather than small amounts.

Volunteers: Just a reminder: if you have additional volunteers assisting you with your flower garden, please have them fill our general on-line Flower Garden Volunteer form. We are trying to update our volunteer database with all current volunteers.