Adopt Ice Partnership

Program Overview

The City of Madison and the Madison Parks Division is committed to a healthy community and recognizes the value in providing year round outdoor recreation experiences. Madison Parks serves the public by working with community leaders, businesses, elected officials and most important neighborhood volunteers to help develop a maintain many different park features.

Keeping true to that core practice Madison Parks invites you to assist with our Adopt Ice Partnership initiative. The idea of Adopt Ice Partnership combines City resources with volunteer manpower required to provide the community with quality outdoor hockey and ice skating. Volunteers may assist with flooding the rink, removing snow, keeping the rink in good shape. All levels of assistance will improve service and spur new creative opportunities for the future.

The Adopt Ice partnership was designed for a group of dedicated volunteers and Madison Parks employees to work together to maintain ice rinks throughout the winter season. Each group has defined roles and responsibilities to make the program a success. Additionally, for public safety it is mandated (Ordinance) that the Park Division remove snow from bike paths, sidewalks and parking areas as a first priority. The partnership allows rinks to be cleared sooner, because volunteers can help clear the ice, while Parks crews are removing snow in other areas. Because of the volume and size of rinks it is difficult to have staff at all the sites at one time, it is also helpful to have teams clear snow from the ice prior to park staff.

Roles and Responsibilities

The partnership is created with defined roles for Park Staff and volunteers to maintain the ice rink throughout the winter season.  Below is an overview of the roles:

Madison Parks Division will:

  1. Set-up of facilities - Parks staff will set up hockey boards, the existing warming shelters, and water connections at the rinks at the beginning of the season.
  2. At some ice rink locations, Madison Parks will establish the initial ice rink.
  3. Periodic maintenance - Parks will provide trash removal and facility cleaning.
  4. Madison Park Rangers will open and close facilities and turn on and off lights daily.
  5. Parks staff will provide training for community volunteers at the beginning of the season.
  6. Parks will determine when rinks are open and closed.

Adopt Ice Partnership Groups will:

  1. Assist with regular snow removal from the ice and back of the boards using shovels and brooms. If snowfall is more than 2 inches, groups will leave it for Parks to clear the ice.
  2. Assist with the upkeep of ice — (different needs per location) Putting a layer of water down and letting it freeze and repeating creates a solid sheet of smooth quality ice.
  3. Open and close shelter or turn on/off lights during hours specified by city.
  4. Assign an Adopt Ice Captain as the main contact for rink.

Current Adopt Ice Partnership Locations

Existing Adopt Ice Partnership Locations

  • Heritage Heights Park
  • Hillington Green-Triangle Park
  • Nakoma Park
  • Olbrich Park
  • Westmorland Park
  • Wexford Park

Get Involved


If you are interested in volunteering with an existing Adopt Ice group, please fill out the Madison Parks New Volunteer Form and indicate which park you are interested in joining.

Starting a New Adopt Ice Rink Location

Several factors are considered to start a new Adopt Ice location, such as outside funding, suitable location, available utilities and the timing of the request.  If you or your neighborhood would like to be considered as a new Adopt Ice location, please contact the Parks Division at