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Official brush collection for 2017 is now over. Do not place brush at the curb at this time.

Official rounds of brush collection will resume in 2018.

When is my brush pickup?

Pickup Schedule: Season Over

Collection crews rotate through the City from April to September, completing as many collection rounds as possible. Start and end dates will be announced when those dates are known.


  • Pile brush on the terrace at the street edge away from trees, parked cars, fire hydrants, utility poles, mail boxes and other obstructions.
  • Do not put brush in the street or on the sidewalk.
  • Do not put brush in bags, boxes, or any other container. You may bundle small amounts of brush with string or twine, NOT wire. Bundles may not be more than 4 feet in length and may not weigh more than 40 pounds.
  • Stack brush with the cut ends facing the same direction. Remove all roots, stumps, and dirt.
  • Branches may not exceed 8" in diameter.

Yard Waste vs. Brush

Please separate brush from yard waste.

Brush includes:

  • Tree and shrub trimmings over 18" in length.

Yard waste includes:

  • Leaves, weeds, garden trimmings, and other plant debris.
  • Twigs less than 18" long.
  • Pumpkins, crab apples, pine cones, etc.

Large Brush Piles

Brush piles that will take longer than 10 minutes to collect will be assigned to a one-man crane vehicle. The crane vehicle, or clam, will typically arrive within three business days of the chipper crew.

Contractor Brush

Brush cut by contractors will NOT be collected. Please make arrangements with the contractor for material disposal.

Drop-Off Sites

Residents may also bring yard waste to a drop-off site.