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The final round of brush collection began Monday, September 19. Multiple neighborhoods have already received their final official brush collection for 2016. If you have brush to set out, it is recommended that you click on the collection district map below to learn if your neighborhood has received its final collection.

After each area receives its final brush collection, there will not be another guaranteed brush collection until 2017.

To learn where crews are working, please use the collection district maps linked to below to obtain an estimate as to when to set your material out for collection.

Residents can also bring brush to our drop off sites at 4602 Sycamore Ave or 1501 W. Badger Rd.

COLLECTION DISTRICT MAPS - Find out where crewS are in your neighborhood

Use the links below to access maps of each collection district. These maps will provide more detailed information on where our crews are working. If we are not in your area, you can use the maps as a guide to estimate when to place the material curb side to minimize the amount of time it is on the curb.

General Guidelines
  • The brush collection program serves property owners who maintain their own property and is provided April 1st through the end of September, for tree and shrub trimmings.
  • Material cut by contractors will NOT be collected. Please make arrangements with the contractor for material disposal.

Brush Collection Rules
All material collected is chipped and recycled as mulch or compost. To keep program costs down and prevent damage to equipment, please follow the collection rules.

  • Brush is tree and shrub trimmings over 18" in length. Brush May not exceed 8' length and 8" diameter
  • Remove all roots, stumps and dirt.
  • Place brush on the terrace at the street edge away from trees, parked cars, fire hydrants, utility poles, mail boxes and other obstructions. Do not put brush in the street.
  • Stack brush with the cut ends facing the same direction.
  • Tie small amounts of brush in bundles, using string or twine. Bundles may not exceed 4 feet in length or weigh more than 40 pounds.

The following material will NOT be collected
  • Brush cut or trimmed by contractors. Persons hired by the property owners are responsible for removing material.
  • Small twigs and branches less than 18" in length.
  • Material cleared from lots or undeveloped property
  • Material in boxes, bags or containers.

Christmas Tree Collection

The Streets Division will provide two rounds of Christmas tree collection.

Each neighborhood is scheduled for two collections. Regardless of which day your refuse is collected, have your holiday tree out by 7:00 a.m. on the following days;

Round One will start on Monday January 4th.

Round Two will start on Tuesday January 19th

Trees placed out on these days will be collected sometime during the two-week cycle, WEATHER PERMITTING. Snow and ice control will take priority.

Christmas Tree Collection Guidelines

  • Remove all tree stands regardless of whether they are metal or wood.
  • Remove all light strings, ornaments and other metal objects.
  • Remove any tree bags.
  • Place trees at the street edge only.
  • If trees become buried under snow residents are asked to dig out trees.
  • Wreaths, evergreen rope, garlands, and boughs will NOT be collected with holiday trees. These items should be placed with your tan refuse cart.