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the fall period of curbside leaf and yard waste collection will start on monday, september 25.

crews on both the east and west sides of madison will begin collection in the area of the city with a monday refuse collection day on september 25.

after crews collect material from each street within the monday district once, they will rotate to the area of the city with a tuesday refuse collection day. after the tuesday area is complete, they will rotate to the wednesday area and so on.

crews will perform three complete rotations through the city in this manner. additional collection rounds will occur if weather allows.

use the collection area maps to learn where yard waste crews are working. collection maps are updated daily during collection periods.





collection district maps - Find out where CREWS are in your neighborhood

Use the links below to access maps of each collection district. These maps will provide more detailed information on where our crews are working. You can use the maps to estimate when to place the material curb side and minimize the amount of time it is out.

I live on the East Side (includes downtown)

I live on the West Side

explaining the yard waste collection rotation

Yard waste crews start the collection season in the area of Madison with a Monday refuse collection day. Crews check each street within this area looking for brush piles and they will collect what is out. Once each street in the area of the city with a Monday refuse collection day has received their pass for collection, crews rotate to the area of the city with a Tuesday refuse collection day. Once each street in the Tuesday district has been serviced, crews move to the Wednesday district, then the Thursday district, followed by the Friday district. Upon completion of the Friday collection district, crews loop back to the Monday district for the next round.

Yard waste collection crews will complete two of these rotations in the Spring, giving each resident two opportunities for curbside collection.

Curbside yard waste collection pauses for the summer months, and no curbside collection of this material occurs. During the summer months, residents should bring this material to a drop-off site.

In the fall, yard waste crews will rotate through the city in the above manner at least three times, perhaps more if the weather allows. The actual start of the Spring and Fall collection periods is weather dependent and will be announced when that date is known.

How should I put my leaves and yard waste out for collection?

  • Do not put leaves in the street. It against Madison ordinances to place leaf piles in the street. You could be issued a citation from Building Inspection if you put your leaves directly in the street or gutter. When you put leaves in the street or gutter, they can be washed into our lakes where the nutrients contribute to algae growth.
  • Pile your leaves/yard waste loose at the street edge.
    • If you prefer to bag your material, keep the bags open at the top and please use compostable paper leaf bags. This will help us identify what is in the bags and will speed collection.
    • If you use plastic bags, you must also keep the bags open at the top. And note that the bags will be slit open and the plastic bags will be either left on the terrace or placed into your refuse cart if it is available.
    • You may also cover your leaf piles with a tarp or other plastic sheeting to prevent them from blowing away.
  • Keep yard waste/leaves separate from brush.
    • Brush should only be set out during normal brush collection periods. If brush collection has ended for the year, do not set out brush.
    • Brush piles must be kept separate from yard waste/leaf piles
  • Avoid piling around or next too mail boxes, trees, and utility poles. Keep your leaf piles at least four feet away from any obstruction (when possible).


what is yard waste?

Yard waste is leaves, weeds, garden trimmings, and other plant debris and twigs less than 18" long.

You can also place your pumpkins, crab apples, pine cones, and black walnuts with your leaves for collection.