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Information updated on 12/9/16

Winter weather conditions have ended regular curbside fall leaf collection for 2016.

Yard waste should be taken to the drop-off site located at 1501 W. Badger Rd. Please note that the South Point Rd. site is closed for the winter and will reopen on March 25, 2017 at 8:30am.

Regular curbside collection of leaves and yard waste will resume in the spring of 2017 after the winter thaw. The actual start date is weather dependent and will be announced when that date is known.

The Streets Division performs curbside leaf and yard waste collection during the spring and fall months. There is no curbside leaf and yard waste collection during the summer and winter.

During the spring, the Streets Division will conduct two guaranteed rounds of leaf and yard waste collection. This means residents will have two guaranteed opportunities for leaf collection. After the two spring collection opportunities, curbside leaf and yard collection ends for the summer months.

When the curbside collection resumes in the fall months, the goal is to provide at least three opportunities, or rounds, of curbside leaf and yard waste collection. 

During the fall of 2016, residents received more than three opportunities for curbside collection.


Remember, you can also bring your leaves and yard waste to the drop off sites located at 1501 W. Badger Rd. The site at 402 South Point Rd. is closed and will reopen on March 25, 2017 at 8:30am.

Curbside collection reminders:



To minimize the amount of time your leaf/yard waste pile is at the curb, click on the below map for the refuse collection area a day ahead of your own collection day. For example, if you have a Wednesday refuse collection day, you should click on the map for the Tuesday Refuse Collection area.

When the map for the refuse collection area the day before yours is colored blue, that means crews are currently collecting from that area. When crews finish that area, they will then be in your neighborhood. And you should have your leaf/yard waste out before crews get to your neighborhood, otherwise it could be set out late and not picked for weeks.

Therefore, when the map for the refuse collection area ahead of yours is blue, you should get your leaf/yard waste curb side. This method ensures your leaf/yard waste is ready prior to crews arriving in your neighborhood. It will shorten the amount of time the pile is on the terrace. And it ensures that you will not miss the crews and need to wait several weeks for the next collection.

The numbers on the map correspond to an internal numbering scheme for assigning zones to crews. They are not dates and can be ignored.

The areas of the map that are shaded blue are the ones currently receiving collection. You can track our progress by clicking through the maps and finding the ones with areas shaded blue. Maps are updated at the end of the work day and do not update automatically when crews finish an area.


collection area maps / See where the crews are working:


West side residents can also bring their material to the yard waste drop-off sites.

Curbside collection has ended for 2016. It will resume in the spring of 2017.