Equity & Recovery Grants


Small Business Equity & Recovery Grant (SBER)

The City of Madison recognizes the need to invest in supporting our small business community. Many small businesses face the real prospect of permanently closing. We recognize the historic and current inequities in funding and support for small businesses owned by people of color.

SBER was introduced in 2020 to address these inequities. SBER Grants were designed to provide up to $10,000 in grant funds to businesses owned by people facing historical inequities.

The grant program lasted from November 2020 to February 2021. We are still reviewing applications (see update below) but no longer accepting applications.

The response from business owners for the SBER Grant program has been enormous. Infact, it was so large we had to deploy city workers from 5 different agencies to help support the two person Office of Business Resources review team. While this has caused delays in response we are happy to report that we have reviewed close to 500 applications and have approved over $1,162,700.00 in grants to Madison Businesses.


Contact information: Ruth Rohlich rrohlich@cityofmadison.com


UPDATED 2/16/2021

If you are inquiring about the SBER Grant please note the following:

As of 2/11/2021 we are no longer accepting applications for the SBER grants.

As of 2/16/21 We have reviewed 80% of December applications. We are finishing reviewing the final 20% of applications received before December 10th.

Applications recieved between December 11th and January 10th will be reviewed next.

Applications recieved between January 11th and February 10th will be reviewed after that.

You will receive an e-mail of approval or denial from us.

If you have not heard anything from us yet – please do not worry. We are working through the applications as quickly as possible.

Help us move faster:

If you submitted an application and have not submitted any additional documentation please send the following supporting documents to help the review process move faster:


Receipts for PPE Purchases in 2020

a.    If you have a monthly expense one receipt is fine just let us know it is a monthly expense. You can e-mail me photos of the receipts if that is easiest.



  • Business tax return for 2019


  • Loss of Revenue 2020

Loss of revenue can be shown with:

                             Summary of sales to date in 2020

i. QuickBooks Report

ii. Sales tax report

1.    The 2020 sales information can be monthly or quarterly tax filings or, if you do not file this way, a sales summary to date.





  1. I have not heard anything – should I apply again? Have I been rejected?

    We will let all applicants know if they have been approved for the grant or not. Please do not apply again. We are working to review all of the applications as quickly as possible. Someone will contact you about your application soon. Please hang tight and thank you for your patience.


  2. How much can each business apply for? Should we apply each month?

    Every business that qualifies can apply for up to $10,000 TOTAL Through this program. That is:

    PPE - $5,000 TOTAL

    Revenue Loss:  $5,000 Total


    You can only receive the $10,000 once. Do not apply each month.


  3. Why are you not responding quickly to my e-mails?

    We are trying so hard to balance reviewing the hundreds of applications we have received and checking in with those who call and e-mail. Know that we are working as fast as we can. If we need anything additional we will contact you.













Last Updated: 02/16/2021