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Rehabilitation Loan Programs

Madison Home Repair Programs

The resources listed on this page are committed to assisting homeowners to maintain and make needed repairs on their homes. They offer extensive local expertise of the various programs and resources available.

City of Madison Rehabilitation Loan Program

The City of Madison’s Rehabilitation Loan Program is again accepting applications. This program provides financial incentives to upgrade eligible housing units in need of rehabilitation, resulting in improved housing stock. To accomplish this goal the City will provide loans to property owners, both owner-occupied and rental properties, with varying loan terms based on eligibility.

As the program reopens, applications seeking assistance for Emergency Repairs will be prioritized. List of Emergency Repairs is included here: List of Emergency Repairs

Interest Rate

The Madison Rehabilitation Loan’s interest rate is based on household’s annual gross income. Owner-occupied properties must disclose annual gross income of all members of the households over the age of 18 who reside in the property. Qualifying income for interest rates is listed below by number of people who may reside in the household. If applicant has more household members please call for eligibility:

Number of Persons In Applicants Household

0% Interest Loan- Deferred Payment

2.0% Interest Loan*-Installment Loan

4.5% Interest Loan- Installment Loan

























Income limits effective 06/01/2021 until next update

*Rental Properties that are not owner occupied are ONLY eligible for 2.0% Interest Installment Loans.

For more information on Loan Terms, Fees and Eligibility click here: Loan Terms & Eligibility

Technical Assistance from City of Madison

Experienced community development specialists perform a thorough inspection of the property, identifying problem areas. The community development specialist writes a scope of work (a list of the work that needs to be done). Once the work is complete, the community development specialist conducts a final inspection to make sure the work meets program requirements.

More Information

If you think you may qualify or would like additional information, please contact the Community Development Division at (608) 266-4719 or email  You can also complete and return application to determine eligibility. Applications:

   * Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation Application (english) PDF     (aplicación en español)

   * Rental Rehabilitation Application     (english) PDF


Last Updated: 11/02/2021

Other Rehabilitation Programs

Contact Office of Community Development

(608) 266-4223


Mailing Address
Office of Community Development
P.O. Box 2627
Madison, WI 53701-2627


215 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Suite 300
Madison WI 53703


Hours of Operation
The Office of Community Development is open during regular business hours, however, appointments are strongly encouraged.