2023 Fleet Customer Survey Results and Analysis


By Mahanth S. Joishy, Superintendent

We heard you!

A big thank you to the City of Madison employees who completed the 2023 Fleet Customer Survey.  A grand total of 665 City vehicle drivers, supervisors of drivers, and department/division heads participated in the survey. Voice of the customer data is extremely valuable to measure how Fleet is doing in a wide variety of areas, and the responses and comments received gave us excellent feedback for the future. The average response to each question on the 1-10 scale can be found on the attached slide deck.  All the data in this deck was compiled using SurveyMonkey and shared here without any modifications.

We hope for continuous improvement in all of the many operations we are a part of, on behalf of all customers.  For those interested, we are providing some high-level commentary on the results below.

  1. There is room for improvement in many areas.  Our #1 priority is safety.  We want drivers to feel safe in the vehicles and also feel that they are treated with respect at all times in fleet facilities.  We are continually working on both areas so that the scores can be even higher.
  2. The level of participation, in a world where we are constantly being asked to fill out surveys, was strong and appreciated by the Fleet team.  The results have been analyzed and used to make meaningful changes already.  We are especially pleased at the number of daily City vehicle drivers we heard from.
  3. We are significantly behind on the optimal replacement cycle for vehicles across the board.  This has forced the city to operate older vehicles while waiting on new vehicles, especially in emergency services and public works divisions.  This has raised maintenance cost for fleets across the nation including for Madison. In some cases we have not received assets ordered more than two years ago.  We are pushing as hard as possible to get new vehicles in the door and set them up as fast as possible in cooperation with other City divisions, dealerships, and manufacturers within the procurement rules. 
  4. Madison Police Department (MPD) patrol vehicles are one example (but by no means the only one) where we are behind replacement schedule, and this has been exacerbated by computer and electronic issues with some of the relatively new Ford hybrid Interceptors.  We heard you on this topic.  Fleet has worked closely with MPD, Radio Shop, Ford, and other vendors to address these issues.  Together the divisions have agreed to put a stop on adding new hybrid Interceptors for patrol and procure regular gasoline Interceptors instead, a group of which are being prepared for service now.  Voltage regulators are another solution we believe will help in-service time.  Fleet staff understand the importance of patrol vehicles and are proud to support MPD’s mission.
  5. The feedback received about the Vision Zero defensive driving course offered by Fleet will be used to make the content more engaging and relevant to specific audiences where possible.  A lot of hard work has gone into this initiative and this will continue.
  6. We understand the concern and controversy around environmental sustainability.  Fleet staff closely follow the performance data and the progress of the automotive industry, before purchasing vehicles and fuels, and will continue to do so. Of note in this area is the significant costs savings to the City through EVs and hybrids.

Finally, our goal is to provide excellent customer service at all times, and that starts with responding to every issue or concern that is communicated to our staff in a timely manner. Feel free to reach out to me directly on any Fleet related matter.

This content is free for use with credit to City of Madison Fleet.

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