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Humane Officer Continuing Education
posted December 6, 2019 2:53 PM

CLASS: Humane Officer Continuing Education Course

DATE: April 14-16, 2020 7:30am-5:00pm


LOCATION:  Dane Co UW-Extension

5201 Fen Oak Dr # 138 Madison



Animals play a big role in Wisconsin life. We have about 60,000 premises that keep livestock, nearly a million homes with dogs, and more than three-quarters of a million homes with cats. Today's public attitudes toward animals demands humane treatment and that our local government ensures that treatment.

The humane officer program provides this training to both civilians and law officers on how to approach these often explosive cases. There is a special set of skills and a special body of law that applies. We bring in experts who have worked for years in the field, and take you to the barns on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison for hands-on experience. The training is 40 hours of intensive curriculum that is invaluable.

The course emphasizes livestock issues, but we also examine neglect and abuse of companion animals and the relationship of animal abuse to domestic abuse.

Wisconsin law allows cities, villages, towns, and counties to rely on their own local law enforcement to investigate animal abuse and neglect. This training makes that job easier for law officers. If local jurisdictions choose to use civilian investigators, they must appoint an official humane officer – either a current employee, a new hire, or a private contractor. That humane officer must complete this training within a year after appointment.

Who Should Attend:

-Any Wisconsin Humane Officer needing Investigation
-Any Law Enforcement personnel investigating abuse and neglect of animals.

We teach a systematic approach to investigating animal cruelty complaints, including:

Animal Crimes (4 hrs)
Animal Sex Crimes (2 hrs)
Blood Sports (4 hrs)
Case Building: Team Approach (2 hrs)
Dangerous Animal Investigations (4 hrs)
Hoarders (4 hrs)
Relationship of Animal Abuse & Family Violence (2 hrs)
Rescue Relationships (2 hrs)


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