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On behalf of the Madison Police Department, I would like to welcome you to our training center web site. On this site you will find information about our training center along with a schedule of upcoming courses. This 40,000 square foot facility allows for classroom and tactical training. We are proud of our state of the art facilities as well as our experienced cadre of training officers and adjunct instructors. Staff at the Madison Police Training Center provide State of Wisconsin law enforcement certification for our new recruits, as well as, specialized, advanced, and in-service training to law enforcement personnel from across the state.
- Interim Chief Randy Gaber
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K9 Advanced Man-Trailing Workshop
posted April 3, 2014 2:34 PM


I'm excited to announce a series of new courses at the Madison Police Department Training Center.  Below are a few of the highlights.  To register, go to:

Domestic Violence Investigations:

In law enforcement some of the most frustrating, dangerous and difficult cases to investigate are those related to domestic violence. This course will refresh students knowledge of current domestic violence laws and give students information on how to develop an evidence based case which can facilitate prosecuting offenders when victims won't cooperate. We will also offer you MPD's current policy for comparison to your department's policies and procedures.

Vehicle Contacts Instructor Course

This course offers students the opportunity to become instructors for Wisconsin's Unified Tactics in Vehicle Contacts. Upon completion you will be a certified instructor as recognized by the WI LESB. The course will feature both classroom and outside scenario-based instruction for students. The curriculum will follow WI's Unified Tactics in contacting vehicles. Please bring duty gear and squad car (if possible, but not required).

Flying While Armed

The Law Enforcement Officers Flying Armed training is a 1.5 to 2 hour block of instruction that is comprised of a structured lesson plan, slide presentation, FAQs, NLETS procedures, and applicable codes of federal regulation. The training includes protocols in the handling of prohibited items, prisoner transport, and dealing with an act of criminal violence aboard an aircraft.

NARK II Field Test Instructor Course

Sirchie Finger Print Labs, in cooperation with The Madison Police Department are pleased to offer law enforcement agencies the opportunity for INSTRUCTOR TRAINING in the correct use of the NARK® II field tests. We will be discussing the new synthetic substances (cannabinoids, bath salts, 2C products--N-Bome's and Krokodil) which are sweeping the country as well as all of the standard substances. The training will cover: Ability to train other officers in the correct use of field tests Safety precautions Evidence handling Court certification Use of field tests to "confirm" probable cause All field tests meet NIJ Standard (Court requirement)

2 day-Street Gangs: An Intelligence-Led Approach to Community Policing ( Patrol and Tactical )

The 2 day training is offered for those specifically who are employed in law enforcement or corrections/community corrections. The topics presented include an in-depth focus in areas such as the collection of gang intelligence, techniques in interviewing & investigation & addressing specific issues related to officer safety. Day 1: Gangs 101 - An Overview of Street Gangs; Strategies for Uncovering Gang Activity & Affiliation through Interviews; Social Media as a Tool for Crisis Intervention & Investigations; Gang Activity in a School Setting Day 2: Gangs in Hip-Hop Culture-National & Local Trends; Simple Strategies for Collecting &Analyzing Gang Intelligence; Developing Rapport in Challenged Neighborhoods; Community Policing Approach to the Re-integration of Juvenile Offenders; Collaborative Action in Re-Integration (Partnering Officers with Juvenile Offenders.)

1 day-Street Gangs: An Intelligence-Led Approach to Community Policing ( Patrol and Tactical)

LE Partners (School Administrators/ Educators and LE Community Partners) The one day training is aimed for those outside of law enforcement who are interested in learning different methods to address gang violence in schools and neighborhoods. This event may also apply to those in Law Enforcement who do not wish to attend the two day training session. Some of the topics presented during the training include: Gangs 101 - An Overview of Street Gangs in America Strategies for Uncovering Gang Activity and Affiliation through Interviews Social Media as a Tool for Crisis Intervention and Investigations Gangs in Hip-Hop Culture - National and Local Trends Gang Activity in a School Setting.

Informant Management Course

This 24-hour course will instruct both new and experienced officers in the efficient, safe and legal protocols for developing, managing and deploying confidential informants. The student will learn interview techniques to obtain information, and to convince suspects to cooperate with law enforcement officers. Briefing, debriefing and interviewing of informants will be instructed as a well as techniques used to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of the informant. The entire process from identification, registration, cooperation letters and contracts, compensation to testimony preparation will be covered with an emphasis on officer and informant safety.

Inside My Prison of Darkness ( Investigations )

Retired Lieutenant Joseph Schillaci from The Miami Police Department will profile three Death Investigation cases, some profiled on the popular TV Series, The First 48. While profiling these cases he will discuss his successes and failures during his investigations. He will teach the participants his techniques that he used to gain valuable information during interviews with suspects and witnesses. These techniques allowed him to close all of his investigations. He will also walk the participants through his own police shooting where he was forced to take the life of a young man. During the presentation, Lieutenant Schillaci will discuss Communications and Stress Management skills that ultimately saved his life years after the event. This course is designed for anyone in the law enforcement field or conducts law enforcement related interviews. This course also focuses on communication & stress management skills. This is a must-see presentation!

Tactical Shield ( Patrol and Tactical )

This course provides Officers with techniques and tactics to better enhance their abilities to deploy with handheld ballistic shields. Instruction includes shield use in slow building clears, Officer down rescue, live fire range drills, and Simmunition scenarios. Students will learn shooting techniques and tactics that apply to both Patrol Officers and SWAT Officers.

K9 Advanced Man-Trailing Workshop ( Patrol and Tactical )  BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! June-we currently only have 9 openings left.

This man-trailing workshop consists of training exercises that will challenge existing skills and develop more advanced skills. K9 handlers will learn how to train for optimal performance.

This is an active workshop with a 5:2 student/instructor ratio. Each team will execute numerous advanced training exercises to include: transitional tracks from outside to inside buildings, tracking from various start scenarios, tracking through extreme distractions and challenging landscapes, and casting long distances to find the target odor. The workshop's goal is to build the confidence, knowledge, and capabilities of each K9 team by providing challenging exercises and beneficial information.

Conducting Realistic Live Fire Exercises for Patrol ( Patrol and Tactical )

The best way to know if your tactics will work on the street is to test them live fire. This course is designed to help firearms instructors, range safeties, and others who want to run realistic courses of fire on the range. This course teaches you to go from shooting on a line to running realistic live fire scenarios such as bounding drills (Mac-Tac) and officer down rescues live fire. Students will learn to develop safe realistic courses of fire (lesson plan), demonstrate safe weapons manipulation around others, run a live fire scenario and how to safely test your tactics live fire. Students will complete a final test on safety and live fire scenario development.

Property Room Management Training Seminar (Administrative)

IAPE is the largest property officer association in the world. Madison Police Department Training Center is proud to sponsor IAPE in presenting a property room management training seminar. This training covers: liabilities/case studes, audits, inventories, documentation, packaging standards, accreditation standards, design criteria, space standards, bar codes, handling protocols for firearms and narcotics, currency safeguards, purging guidelines, auction procedures, diversion evidence, bio-hazards, disposal and safety procedures. Register on-line at

Excellence in Training with Brian Willis ( Patrol and Tactical )

This course is designed for trainers and agencies searching for:
• An innovative instructor development course developed by a law enforcement trainer specifically for law enforcement trainers.
• Simple and effective strategies for helping your officers maximize their potential and enhance their performance in the gym, the combatives room, the firearms range, the classroom and on the street.
• Proven system for conducting effective debriefings designed to improve performance by building competence and confidence.
• Innovative approaches to using videos in training.
• Strategies for conducting confidence boosting context based training.
• Powerful communication strategies proven to improve the effectiveness of any training program.
• Tactical excellence through advanced mental preparation skills.The focus of Excellence in Training is enhancing the performance of law enforcement officers by delivering training in a manner that permanently imprints the most desireable responses at the officer's subconscious level and most effectively program them for success. In order to accomplish this, training must be meaningful, challenging, rewarding and build on the strengths and talents officers already possess. Excellence in Training provides trainers wiht simple, proven strategies for accomplishing this mission. The principles & concepts taught can be used with officers at any level of skill & service from recruits to veterans, & at little or no cost to the organization.

If there is any type of police training that you would like to see hosted at the Madison Police Department's Training Center, please let us know.  We are lining up our Fall schedule.  We are committed to providing the highest quality training.  We are confident that our state of the art Training Center will meet your training needs and expectations. 

Why MPDTC as your training facility partner?

• Full-time, professional instructors thoroughly preparing you for meeting today's policing challenges.
• Automated, moving targets, lighting and climate controlled 25-yard open indoor tactical range. Fully accessible by squad car for comfortable, practical range training.
• Auditorium seating for over 150 people
• Computer lab
• DAAT room
• Training apartment
• 24/7 access
• Video simulator/weapon simulated apartment
• The lowest costs in the region for all that you can access 

Stay safe!

Sgt Linda Covert
"Training for today so you're ready for tomorrow."

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Inside My Prison of Darkness ( Investigations )
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Statement Analysis: Detecting Deception ( Investigations )
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Conducting Realistic Live Fire Exercises for Patrol ( Patrol and Tactical )
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