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Policing Forward Facility

About Us

The new Madison Police Department Training Center is open and ready for you! For law enforcement personnel, we offer a 25 yard indoor range, capable of handing both rifle and handguns. You can even drive a squad car into the tactical range for additional training opportunities. There are 12 targets that can turn individually or in tandem; along with 2 targets that can walk, jog or run across the entire line of fire. Inside the range we offer two distinct stimulations. We have red and blue lights mounted as well as a sound system that can play anything on a thumb drive.

Beyond the range, the Training Center has other features important to law enforcement training. There are classrooms with media features for various presentations. As you navigate our website you will find various law enforcement training topics for you to enroll in. The two bedroom apartment allows for sim rounds and is capable of moving walls to change configurations to meet various training needs. The apartment allows for instructors to watch from an "eagle's nest" above the apartment and has four cameras to video tactics. Our Training Center features a Ti training simulator with over 300 virtual training videos using Glock weaponry. Finally, we are extremely proud to feature a new 154-person tiered auditorium. This auditorium has state-of-the-art technology ready for any type of presentation, video links and can be divided into separate rooms for more presentations.

We welcome you to come and explore the possibilities!