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Internal EAP
Tresa Martinez, MSSW CEAP
EAP/CISM Coordinator
Municipal Bldg., Room 308/310
215 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Patrick Nottingham, MA
Employee Assistance Specialist

External EAP
IMPACT Workplace Services - Available 24/7
414-771-4808 TTY

IMPACT, a private EAP firm, offers services to those who prefer assistance outside the City. IMPACT provides the same services as internal EAP at no charge and they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Employee Assistance Program Information

What is the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

Most people will face situations that are difficult to handle alone. When this happens, the City of Madison Employee Assistance Program provides 24-hour professional and confidential assistance, information, resource referral, and support.

Who may use the City of Madison EAP and what does EAP offer?

All current and retired City of Madison employees, families of employees, and significant others of employees may use the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for any work, personal, or family concerns. Those eligible may call and talk over the phone or schedule an appointment with EAP. All EAP contacts and referrals are voluntary and confidential.

EAP is available at no cost to assist City employees and their significant others. EAP sometimes refers users to other additional resources outside the City.

The City of Madison has both external and internal EAP Staff which means more coverage and resources for you. IMPACT Workplace Services is an external provider that offers services to those who prefer assistance outside the City. IMPACT provides the same services as internal EAP/CISM Staff at no charge and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What about Confidentiality?

Information shared with representatives of the Employee Assistance Program is confidential with limited exceptions. Contacts with the EAP are held in confidence within the guidelines established for the Program. Ask the person you see to review these guidelines with you. Despite these assurances, if you remain uncertain about the confidentiality of the Program, you may withhold your name and/or other identifying information when you call. What's important is that you get the help you're seeking.

See Administrative Procedure Memorandum 2-12 or speak to an EAP representative for more details.

How does EAP work?

You may call and talk over the phone or schedule an appointment to see EAP/CISM staff. If you want to meet with EAP staff during regular work hours, you are allowed a reasonable amount of time to do so.

Sometimes EAP will refer to other resources (e.g., health care provider, other agencies in the community). EAP may be able to get you connected with the resource faster than you would on your own. Contacts with other resources would be done on approved leave in accordance with your department's policies and procedures.

What are some concerns/problems people bring to EAP?

  • Family and couple conflicts
  • Separation or divorce
  • Parenting concerns
  • Alcohol, drug, gambling or other addictions
  • Stress (personal or work-related)
  • Medical and emotional health
  • Child or elder care
  • Legal problems or financial pressures
  • Job performance
  • Violence
  • Grief from loss
  • Impact of disability or chronic illness

Is there a cost?

No. There is no charge to see EAP/CISM staff or to utilize IMPACT's services.

When can I use EAP?

Now! Early identification and attention to problems can often prevent them from getting worse and avoid costly, burdensome consequences later on.

What other services does EAP provide?

EAP provides a variety of additional services including, but not limited to:


Contact EAP/CISM Staff for further information on ways we can help.

A word on CISM Services

EAP manages the Critical Incident Stress Management Services. A critical incident is an event that is outside the usual range of experience and highly distressing. Examples include:

  • the serious death or injury of the member of the public or employee while an employee is on duty
  • the unexpected death of an employee
  • any incident which can be considered a serious physical or psychological threat to an employee in the line of duty


The EAP/CISM staff provides both pre- and post- incident services. For more information, please visit Critical Incident Stress Management Services. To receive CISM services or debriefing, please contact Tresa Martinez at (608) 266-6561 or IMPACT at (800) 236-7905.

More information on EAP and CISM services is available in Administrative Procedure Memorandum 2-12 and Administrative Procedure Memorandum 2-15. For more information, contact the EAP office at 266-6561.

Veteran's Crisis Line
Suicide Prevention Lifeline
  • EAP Coordinator:
    Tresa Martinez, (608) 266-6561
  • Employee Assistance Specialist:
    Patrick Nottingham, (608) 266-6561
  • Program Support:
    Tory Larson, (608) 266-4281