Cultural Considerations

Mental Health and Intersectionality

When thinking about mental health as a whole, we have to honor the close connection between wellbeing and identities. It is imperative to approach our conversations around mental health and mental health treatment from a multidimensional perspective that elevates and creates space for the diverse identities that make up a person. Each identity represents a set of unique values, experiences, and culture that will inform, impact, and be impacted by how the person navigates their world as well as worldviews and systems. Identities also are connected to privilege and oppression where some hold power within society and others tend to be marginalized due to how social systems have been historically set up. Considering the fact that each person will hold a varying composition of intersecting identities, they will also be uniquely positioned within societal structures holding power and being marginalized altogether at the same time. Read more about intersectionality.

Racial Diversity

Racial diversity acknowledges and celebrates the difference within and between racial identities. 

Gender & Sexuality Diversity

When it comes to gender and sexuality we have to emphasize the importance of elevating the voices of folks who identify within the LGBTQ+ community.

Disability Diversity

Disability diversity is about recognizing and valuing the differences, the benefits, the barriers experienced, and the strengths held, especially within the workplace.

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Resources for City of Madison Employees

  • Human Resources
    Contact City of Madison Human Resources for information about benefits, compensation, professional development, and labor contracts.
  • The Hartford Disability Insurance
    The Hartford, City of Madison policy #033731
    Claim Office Phone: 1-800-707-5333
  • LGBTQIA Social
    Informal gathering space for LGBTQIA+ identifying City staff to join together in community.
    • Goal - Provide opportunities to socialize, share information and support, and be involved in promoting an environment that accepts, values, supports and is safe for members of the LGBTQIA+ communities.
    • *If you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Garrett Tusler - Community Development Division -

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