Registered Lobbyists

Lobbying Reports are available for viewing in the City Clerk's Office from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Reports will be posted to the City Clerk's website as soon as practicable after filing.

Registration Forms and Principal's Expense Statements Filed in 2017

Lobbying Complaints

Lobbying Complaints can be submitted to the City Clerk's Office from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Complaints will be posted to the City Clerk's website as soon as practicable after filing.

Please file a complaint using the Lobbying Complaint Form.

Covered City Officials

Listing of current Covered City Officials, pursuant to MGO 2.40(2)(e).


Alderperson, District 01 McKinney, Barbara
Alderperson, District 02 Zellers, Ledell
Alderperson, District 03 Hall, Amanda
Alderperson, District 04 Verveer, Michael
Alderperson, District 05 Bidar-Sielaff, Shiva
Alderperson, District 06 Rummel, Marsha
Alderperson, District 07 King, Steve
Alderperson, District 08 Wood, Zach
Alderperson, District 09 Skidmore, Paul
Alderperson, District 10 Cheeks, Maurice
Alderperson, District 11 Gruber, Tim
Alderperson, District 12 Palm, Larry
Alderperson, District 13 Eskrich, Sara
Alderperson, District 14 Carter, Sheri
Alderperson, District 15 Ahrens, David
Alderperson, District 16 DeMarb, Denise
Alderperson, District 17 Baldeh, Samba
Alderperson, District 18 Kemble, Rebecca
Alderperson, District 19 Clear, Mark
Alderperson, District 20 Phair, Matt
Assessor Hanson, Mark
Attorney May, Michael
Civil Rights Director Davis, Norman
Clerk Witzel-Behl, Maribeth
Engineer Phillips, Rob
Finance Director Schmiedicke, David
Fire Chief Davis, Steven
    Assistant Chief Christenson, Clay 
    Assistant Chief Langer, Lance
    Assistant Chief  Laurenzi, Laura
    Assistant Chief  Popovich, Michael
    Division Chief  Burrus, Tracy
    Division Chief  Mrowiec, Timothy
    Division Chief  Price, Arthur
    Division Chief Ripp, Paul
    Division Chief  Stedman, Ché
    Division Chief Winston Jr, Johnny
    Fire Marshal Ruckriegel, Edwin
Fleet Services Superintendent Vandenbrook, William
Public Health Madison and Dane County
  Executive Director
Heinrich, Janel
    Operations Director Caes, David
    Community Health Director Michaud, Mary
    Environmental Health
Voegeli, Doug
Human Resources Director Wirtz, Brad
Information Technology Director Kronberger, Paul
Library Director Mickells, Greg
Mayor Soglin, Paul R.
    Deputy Mayor Crawley, Katie
    Deputy  Mayor Monks, Anne
    Deputy Mayor Ragland, Enis
    Deputy  Mayor Reyes, Gloria
    Governmental Relations
Zavos, Nicholas
Monona Terrace Director McManners, Gregg
Municipal Court Judge Koval, Daniel
Parking Operations Woznick, Thomas
Parks Superintendent Knepp, Eric
Planning & Community  &  
  Economic Development
Erdman, Natalie
Planning Division Director Stouder, Heather
    Building Inspection Director Hank, George
    Community Development
    Division Director
O’Keefe, James
    Economic Development
    Division Director
Miikolajewski, Matt
    Housing Operations Division
    Interim Director
Conrad, Tom
Police Chief Koval, Michael
    Assistant Chief of Police Gaber, Randy
    Assistant Chief of Police Davenport, John
    Assistant Chief of Police Williams, Susan
    Central District Captain Gloede, Carl
    East District Captain Snyder, Tom
    Field Operations Captain Ackeret, Brian
    Investigative Services
Wheeler, James
    North District Captain Lengfeld, Jay
    South District Captain Patterson, John
    Traffic & Parking
    Enforcement Captain
Bach, Richard
    Training Captain Snyder, Tom
    West District Captain Nelson, Cory
    Community Outreach
Roman, Kristen
Senior Center Director Beatty, Christine
Streets Superintendent Kelley, Chris
Traffic Engineer Dryer, David
Transit General Manager Kamp, Charles
Treasurer Gawenda, Dave
Water Utility General Manager Heikkinen, Thomas