Mission, Goals, and Objectives

We exist to assist. Our team serves to provide equitable access to open government by promoting the inclusion and full participation of all residents in the democratic process. We are committed to achieving our mission through facilitating the right to vote, providing access to open meetings and open records, providing impartial license administration, and offering support for the legislative process.

Core Values

  • Continual Improvement
  • Leaders in Innovation
  • Equity, Empowerment, and Engagement
  • Respect for Each Customer
  • Key Resource for Information
  • Service with Integrity and Empathy

City Clerk's Office Personnel

  • Maribeth, WCPC, Clerk
  • Jim, WCMC, Deputy Clerk, Liquor License Coordinator, Language Access Plan
  • Eric, WCMC, Certified Municipal Clerk, Legistar Administration Team, Clerk's Office Licenses, Campaign Finance, Candidate Filings, Happiness at Work Facilitator
  • Thomas, WCMC, Certified Municipal Clerk, Webinar Host, Special Voting Deputy Coordinator, Legistar Administration Team
  • Nikki, WCMC, Certified Municipal Clerk, Emergency Management Team, Data Maintenance, Poll Worker Scheduling
  • Jennifer, WCMC, Certified Municipal Clerk, Records Custodian, Equity Team Co-Lead
  • Heather, WCMC, Certified Municipal Clerk, Statement of Interests Coordinator, Lobbyist Registration Coordinator, Operator Licenses, Picnic Beer Licenses
  • Bonnie, Municipal Clerk II, Voter Outreach Coordinator, In-Person Absentee Voting Coordinator, Equity Team Co-Lead
  • Camille, bilingual Municipal Clerk I
  • Diana, bilingual Municipal Clerk I
  • Taylor, Municipal Clerk I

Everyone in the Clerk's Office is cross-trained on all office duties.  All Clerk's Office employees are either working toward or have already earned certification as a Wisconsin Certified Municipal Clerk through the Wisconsin Municipal Clerks Association. The City Clerk is a Wisconsin Certified Professional Clerk.

The Madison City Clerk's Office is a Center for Election Excellence.

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