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Surprise! Half-Marathon in our Hill Farms this weekend

June 26, 2015 2:51 PM

I shamelessly stole the headline, and some of the following text, from Alder Clear. Alders Clear, Bidar-Sielaff, and I were just notified that the DreamBank Her Half Marathon will be held this Sunday morning June 28 from 7am until noon.  We are all very frustrated by the short notice, and want to get as much information as possible out quickly so that hopefully the event can still be successful for affected residents and for the event participants. While this is a new event, the organizers are experienced and qualified.

No streets will be closed for this event, and runners are being told to yield to traffic.  Maps of the race route are available here:

Also, here is a description of what affects District 11:

The 5k will run from Hilldale near Macy's to Kelab Dr, Segoe Rd south to Hill Dr, west to Marathon Dr, north along Whitney Way, east along Old Middleton Rd, south on Eau Claire, and then Sheboygan to Segoe and back to Hilldale on Kelab Dr.

The half marathon will leave Hilldale on Kelab, go north on Segoe Rd to Sheboygan, head west to Whitney Way, east on Old Middleton Rd to the path and into Shorewood Hills. The returning runners com back into the district at Old Middleton and the path, head sound on Eau Claire to Sheboygan and then back to Hilldale on Segoe and Kelab.

Old Middleton will be closed to eastbound motor vehicles from Whitney Way to University Ave from 6am until noon.  Access to the bike path will remain open.  Police will be directing traffic to the detour along University Avenue.  If you live along one of the routes, the event organizers will be hand-delivering a notification letter to you today.  Police will be directing traffic at several intersections along the routes.  About 800 participants are expected.

If you have questions or comments about this event (before, during or after), please contact me. I will be compiling feedback for the event organizers and for city event staff.

Thank you for your patience with this.

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