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Dinner Tonight?

May 27, 2015 8:50 AM

Hey neighbors,

Who remembers their new year's resolutions? Did yours involve being active and eating a balanced diet? Maybe focusing on homegrown and local foods? Well, in case your resolutions took a backseat sometime in February, here's a great chance to give them a little kickstart.

Right here in our neck of the woods is a wonderful little farmers market featuring local veggies, fruits, honey, meat and fish, the list goes on. Capitol View Farmers Market runs from 3pm-7pm Wednesdays and it begins TODAY. This market also includes several food carts with delicious faire, so bring the family, grab some dinner and some produce for the week, and have a picnic at the adjacent park. The market is located on Sharpsburg Avenue between Metro Market and Great Dane East. For more info and details, here's their website

One more thing: Capitol View Farmers Market is the only farmers market in the city which allows dogs. I've always been proud of this market for keeping it dog-friendly. To keep this policy feasible, kindly keep your pooch on a three feet or shorter leash and be conscious of your fellow marketeers and their sensitivities.


If you live in wonderful District 3 but work in another area of Madison and would prefer to swing by a farmers market closer to your workplace, please click here for a list of farmers markets in the area. There's a market somewhere around the area just about every single day of the week; it's a resource and amenity we are very lucky to have in this city.

Hope to see you at the market tonight!

Yours sincerely,

Amanda Hall

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