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Transportation Network Companies and Digital Privacy

December 4, 2014 4:13 PM

Since introducing legislation to regulate Transportation Network Companies in Madison it has been my goal to create an ordinance that is in the best interest for the City. With appropriate regulation, I believe we can ensure that these services will operate safely and equitably, while providing uniform rules that create a fair playing field with existing taxi companies. Some people have tried to group this position as being in favor of a particular company and their practices. I reject the notion that we have to be "in favor" or "against" Transportation Network Companies, rather we can find a compromise that works for all of our residents.

However, events over the last two weeks have highlighted a new concern with data privacy. One Transportation Network Company, Uber, has raised concerns for the entire industry. I am both deeply troubled by the lack of respect senior Uber executives have shown to protect personal data of users and ambiguous safeguards for customers. Madison residents demand that features such as "God mode" are highly restricted and never used for malicious intent.

The legislation that I have introduced calls upon the best practices of other progressive communities such as Minneapolis and Seattle. Since that time, other states and municipalities have passed legislation to regulate Transportation Network Companies legally in hundreds of cities based on the same principled offered in my legislation. However, my proposal, nor the proposal by Mayor Soglin or legislation passed in any other municipality in the United States addresses the pressing need to protect the digital privacy and geolocation data of our residents.

Today, I am requesting that Madison's Chief Information Officer and City Attorney's office to look further into ways to protect the digital privacy and geolocation data. Furthermore, I am asking the Digital Technology Committee to review our Transportation Network Company legislation solely for the purposes of protecting private data for our residents. Undoubtedly, this will delay when the final product will return to Council, but I hope to see a final resolution on Transportation Network Companies by late February.

None of this changing my primary position: to find a way to safety and equitably regulate Transportation Network Companies in Madison. I believe this can be accomplished, but we need to be mindful that this is an emerging field, and new problems will arise. Madison should be a community on the forefront of looking for creative solutions, such as being the first city to address concerns of digital privacy on this issue.

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