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Commitment to Diversity:

The EOC Employment Subcommittee has made a formal commitment to the concept of diversity in its membership and work in the community. It is the intention of this committee that membership, programming and focus of committee work embraces the wide diversity of people living in our community and that programs are accessible and available to all people who express an interest. An important value of the work of this committee is to affirm the worth of all people in our community.


Membership of the EOC Employment Subcommittee reflects the diversity of our community and programming will be available to and attended by representatives of all groups (examples of diverse groups include, but are not limited to: race, gender, disability, age, various types of industry/employer/agencies, sexual orientation).


Diversity of the EOC Employment Subcommittee is continually assessed through a review of the Committee Characteristics Grid (all members complete a survey which includes a wide range of characteristics) and ensuring that organizations/employers representing a wide range of diversity are invited to attend and participate in programs and events sponsored by the EOC Employment Subcommittee. A periodic "customer satisfaction" survey of program participants/attendees/agencies will be done to determine if our programming is meeting their needs and addressing their interests.


1. Target committee recruitment to various organizations and agencies that could help to further enhance the EOC Employment Subcommittee's diversity.

2. Survey committee members periodically to determine whether the committee's work is relevant to their needs and concerns.

3. Ensure that mailing lists for programs are inclusive of all groups and types of organizations and employers.

4. Analyze customer feedback provided by sponsored program attendees/participants to determine if EOC committee programming is meeting their needs and addressing the most relevant issues in our community.

5. Educate and create awareness among EOC Employment Subcommittee members regarding diversity initiatives and programs in our workplace and our community.

A copy of the Committee Characteristics Grid is available from Annie Weatherby Flowers, at 266-6577,

Adopted 06/04/98