The Department of Civil Rights is responsible for management, development and implementation of Chapter 39 of the Madison General Ordinances. The Department of Civil Rights is responsible for ensuring that the rights of all people are respected and that all persons are given the equal opportunities to succeed based upon their personal merits. To this end, the Department of Civil Rights is created to vigorously pursue the policies and principles embodied in this Chapter both within the City as an employer and within the City as a community of people who respect the rights and the contributions of every community member.


We see the Department of Civil Rights as a focal point for affirmative action, disability rights, equal opportunities, racial equity and social justice in the region.  Our partnerships and programs serve to establish the City of Madison as a dynamic place, where the inherent worth of every individual is nurtured, enabling each to reach their full potential.

Staff Directory

First NameLast NamePhoneEmail
JulieAustin(608) 266-4910JAustin2@cityofmadison.com
RebeccaBelow(608) 266-4873RBelow@cityofmadison.com
ByronBishop(608) 266-4721BBishop@cityofmadison.com
CliffordBlackwell(608) 266-4960cblackwell@cityofmadison.com
DonnaCollingwood(608) 266-4828dcollingwood@cityofmadison.com
NormanDavis(608) 267-8759ndavis@cityofmadison.com
KirstenDonkle(608) 267-1127KDonkle@cityofmadison.com
MichaelynGibson(608) 266-6577MGibson@cityofmadison.com
RebeccaHoyt(608) 266-6511RHoyt@cityofmadison.com
GuadalupeIbarra(608) 267-8635GIbarra@cityofmadison.com
KristyKumar(608) 261-8965KKumar@cityofmadison.com
TracyLomax(608) 266-6510TLomax@cityofmadison.com
EnochMelgarejo(608) 267-4900EMelgarejo@cityofmadison.com
NatalieNickolas NNickolas@cityofmadison.com
AlyssaRiphon(608) 267-1133ariphon@cityofmadison.com
JesusSanchez-Cruz(608) 267-8635JSanchez-Cruz@cityofmadison.com
TariqSaqqaf(608) 266-6352tsaqqaf@cityofmadison.com
ChelseaSchult(608) 242-6082CSchult@cityofmadison.com
MarthaWhite(608) 267-1141MEWhite@cityofmadison.com
ZeYang(608) 261-4658ZYang@cityofmadison.com
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