Your Input Needed

The City of Madison Department of Civil Rights has created proposed improvements to the Affirmative Action Plan in response to feedback from our vendors, suppliers, and contractors. Please provide your comments and feedback to these suggestions before January 21, 2022. Comments will be considered before changes are implemented in March. You may submit comments by attending a virtual session or email them to

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The City of Madison is proud to have values that support and sustain our resources being invested in our partners that will help us advance equity. In order to make sure that City of Madison dollars and the dollars of our tax payers are aligned with our values, we will be conducting contract compliance on all projects we fund.
Contract Compliance provides education, evaluation and enforcement of the City's equal opportunity and affirmative action policies for all companies doing business with the City of Madison.

This is accomplished through various meetings, trainings, audits, onsite visits and mandatory reporting, including affirmative action plans.For more in depth information about the City of Madison’s Contract Compliance efforts, please review our annual report: