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The Equal Opportunities Employment Subcommittee is committed to continuous improvement, both in the way we work together as a group toward our mission, and in the services or opportunities we provide to help achieve our mission. We are, therefore, committed to continuous improvement in order to bring greater value for our efforts.

We will carry out our commitment to quality in the following ways:


The Committee will plan and conduct effective meetings. Agendas will be published in advance and reviewed at the beginning of each meeting for accuracy. The purpose for reviewing the agenda is to provide an opportunity to change the order or the amount of time allotted for specific agenda topics. We will work within the "Open Meetings" legal requirements which means that if new business is added to the agenda, it cannot be acted upon at that meeting.

Agendas will generally include the following: 1) topic item, 2) time allotted, 3) topic leader, and 4) periodic check out or evaluation process of meeting effectiveness.

All members are expected to assist in facilitating the meeting to assure effective use of meeting time. New members will receive an overview of facilitation skills and committee ground rules during their initial orientation.


Roles and responsibilities of committee members will be defined to include responsibilities of the chair, vice chair, members at large and EOC staff assigned to the committee.

Membership demographics will be reviewed at the committee's annual planning retreat (usually in June) and recruitment strategies will be developed to achieve optimum membership levels. (Committee membership is limited to 25 voting members.)

Process Control:

The committee has adopted the philosophy of the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycle and feels it is important to record and use data for the purpose of continuous improvement.

Evaluation methods will be developed and implemented to determine the effectiveness of the committee's output (services/opportunities) and will be used for the purpose of continuous improvement.

The committee will conduct periodic needs analysis of constituent groups in the community at large to determine the highest value needs aligned with our mission. Also, the committee will periodically evaluate how well we meet the needs of the individual members who voluntarily serve on the EOC Employment Subcommittee.