City of

The mission of The Madison City Channel is to make local government more accessible to the citizens of Madison. By providing a direct link between local government and the cable network, The Madison City Channel will promote citizen access and exposure to local government and further government accountability. The Madison City Channel will also provide City government with access to the cable network for training, data transmission, and other valuable exchanges of public information.

In order to meet this mission, The Madison City Channel's activities will include the following prioritized programming and services:
  1. Local governmental legislative meetings (e.g. Madison Common Council, Dane County Board of Supervisors).
  2. Local governmental boards, committees, commissions, etc. (e.g. Board of Estimates, Citizen's Advisory Commission on People with Disabilities).
  3. Programs on current events or particular community issues (e.g. Mayor's Report, Know Your Candidates, Focus on Equality).
  4. Programs regarding local government services (e.g. Protective Behaviors for Children, Career Opportunities with the City of Madison, 911).
  5. Non-cablecast video productions which further the missions of City departments and other organizations (e.g. Proper Glass Handling Techniques).
  6. Character generated information regarding meeting schedules of local governmental boards, committees, commissions, etc.
  7. Character generated information regarding important community events sponsored by governmental or non-profit groups.
  8. Character generated information regarding employment opportunities.
  9. Reports to the citizens from elected or appointed public officials (e.g. Legislative Update).
  10. Productions which feature community services, issues and/or special governmental meetings.
  11. Productions with a cultural or educational element (e.g. Nolen in the '90's).
  12. State government meetings of special local interest.
  13. Programming obtained from outside sources which further The Madison City Channel's mission.
  14. Providing video production training for other City agencies.
  15. Serving as a central information point for the planning, acquisition, and uses of video production and presentation equipment for other local governmental agencies.