The Let’s Talk Streets Campaign Seeks Input from People with Disabilities


The City of Madison is presently seeking input from people with disabilities, their families and service providers to better understand how our streets (do or don't) serve people with disabilities and how the streets impact the ability to get around. We also hope to use collected stories that illustrate--vividly--some of the trade-offs that happen when we design streets that prioritize people without disabilities.

Take the survey and have your opinion recorded -- The survey closes September 28, 2021.

The survey seeks information about:
• Challenges with mobility-related activities
• Daily transportation challenges
• Your values, as it relates to the design of our streets

This survey is part of the City of Madison’s Let’s Talk Streets initiative, which seeks to gather input from the community to better inform project planning related to how our streets work. This survey along with other engagement efforts will help inform the way the City makes decisions about streets in the future: how they are designed, who they serve, how they are used, and how to make them safer. We want these future street design decisions to be rooted in shared community values.

To request a printed survey, please contact or call 608-266-6225.



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